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We are a small motivated Team who has the pleasure of sharing the best thing that ever happened to us, which is the salvation through Jesus Christ.

We come from Paris / France and Norway.


We have left our daily jobs and are now working fulltime for Jesus2Europe, just because we think it's so important that YOU also have a sincere opportunity to become acquainted with God. We live by faith in God's provision, which actually works!

Jesus2Europe team

Jesus is the only way to God


For us it is important to not compromise the word of God, we will not put new things into the bible and our belief, and we will not take something away from the bible, the true word of God.


May-Linn and Arvid Aasen are the founders of Jesus 2 Europe, they sold everything they owned in Norway to follow what God told them to do. With their family they moved to Paris in the fall 2014. Whithout knowing anyone, no financial support and just an idea of what God wants them to do, they started to pray. Today we work after a big vision God has given to us and the team is growing.

The organisation Jesus2Europe was estabished in the spring 2016 and there is a french man as a president.




Founder and leader


Co Founder





-in God, the Father. Jesus Christ, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Helper.

-That Jesus Christ is God's only begotten Son.

He was with God, the Father in the beginning. He came to Earth in human form by the power of the Holy Spirit through the virgin Mary.

-That Jesus was sent to Earth by God our Father in heaven, to save us and to show us the way to God, and through faith in Him, has taken all our sin, guilt and punishment upon himself through His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead three days later.

-That Jesus Christ is the only way to God, our Father in heaven.

-That the Bible is God's perfect Word to us, completely accurate and infallible, written by humans that were inspired by God through the power of the Holy Spirit.

-That the Bible is the complete Word of God and that there shall be nothing else added to, or anything subtracted from God's Word.

-That God uses human beings who know God through their relationship with Jesus Christ, to be witnesses to others of God's glory, just as the first disciples and apostles in the Bible that were also used and led by Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.

-That God loves all people and gives us access to Him only by grace through faith in His Son Jesus Christ. Salvation as such, is a free gift of God by His grace and not by any human works.

-That God is true love!

God is!



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